I Am...

I'm Naomi. I write Leaves in the Spring. Here are some things about me:

I'm married to Tom. We've been married since 2008.

I love reading, going for walks, cooking, making things, taking photos, dinner with friends, surprise post, flowers, and having people to stay.

I work for a charity. I probably won't write about this much. I laugh a lot. And I love people who make me laugh.

I would love to hear from you - send me a recipe, say hello, tell me what your favourite book is, tell me how to take better photos, direct me to your blog - thebluebelle[@]gmail[dot]com

Disclaimer/The boring bit
I may link to products (mainly books) on Amazon.co.uk using an affiliate link. This means if you click my link and then buy from Amazon, I get a few pence. Eventually I may receive enough from Amazon to buy another book. More books is good. Find out more about the Amazon Associate scheme here.

I will always make it clear if a post contains an affiliate link. And I will always be honest about my opinions. For example, here is a book I do recommend. And here is one I don't.
Here is my affiliate link to Amazon's homepage: Amazon.co.uk
Thank you for reading!


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