Friday, 27 February 2009

Girly Girly Girl

No really, I am. Those who know me outside of the binary world will know that I rarely bother with makeup, blowdry my hair about once a month and live in my jeans.

But two things this week have brought out my girly girly side.

Firstly - this weekend we are going to the wedding of a lovely couple and I tried on my wedding outfit yesterday. The main thing is the swooshy, silky skirt. (It's the third skirt in my wardrobe). I even have jewellery to go with it. I will post photos from the wedding next week.

Secondly - I found this beautiful bag in a magazine at the Doctor's the other day. Now I'm sure some of you have issues with Mischa Barton but try very hard to put those aside and have a look at the range of bags she's designed here. This one is my favourite. It's pretty, big, practical...ok, it costs £50 and I don't ever buy bags. But I'm trying to remember it until June rolls around and someone asks what I'd like for my birthday.

Oh and quote of the day from a little boy at playgroup-work: "I'm a goat! I'm a goat!" He was covered in a green cloth at the time so he may have meant ghost. Or not. Who knows?

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  1. I checked out the bags, you're right, they're pretty cool! That bag in the picture is very you! Nice colour choice.

    Haha- "I'm a goat!" Kids are so stupid! I mean funny. Or you know, he might have just watched the Sound of Music - and you would know this if you had seen it- but the kids all dress up in green curtain cloth at one point and on another occasion they put on a puppet show called the 'lonely goatherd' so he could have just been reacting a mixture of scenes from there!


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