Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I spent this morning playing with blue spaghetti. The kids adored this activity - cutting it, making piles of it and generally throwing it everywhere. It was great fun. One girl repeatedly put her face in it, came up for air and giggled hysterically which was hilarious to watch. If you're going to try this at home though put down newspaper. Or even better - do it outside. It really did go everywhere and took two of us ages to clear up.

The wedding this weekend was beautiful. It was so relaxed and happy, and the cakes were delicious, although sadly I didn't take any pictures of them. I didn't take many photos at all - I was too busy eating cake. Here are a few I did take that don't show faces.

And here is the card I made them...

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  1. Aw, me and my baby!!! Gotta be one of the rare few where I'm actually working at it!!


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