Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Wednesday Weekend

Wednesday is my mid-week weekend. I have no Besom and no playgroup so it's really a day to catch up on jobs, baking, card making, seeing people, shopping and whatever else needs doing. This week my Wednesday has been very productive and these are my highlights (leaving out all the boring jobs)...

A lovely wander around the sunny streets of my little town. Some charity shop browsing which resulted in these from the Oxfam shop...

Baking - the recipe for these chocolate chip muffins is here and although we haven't tried any yet they definitely smell good...

Edit: half an hour later, we have tried them and they are good!

I just realised the last highlight is a secret for now. It involved something I love doing but I'll fill you in later so I don't give the game away.

Edit (23/03/2009): I also made a mother's day card and sent my mummy a parcel in the post. I love surprise parcels, they're so exciting.


  1. holy crap those muffins look AMAZING. i feel like i gained 10 pounds just looking at them. lol

  2. Thanks Emily, I think that's a good thing! You could make them less calorific by making smaller ones but then you might just have to eat two...


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