Saturday, 4 April 2009

Recycling and Being Grown Ups

You wouldn't believe the crazy amount of packaging that wedding gifts come wrapped in. Obviously some things are breakable but Denby - is it really necessary to pack each mug in its own cardboard box? One gift we opened was wrapped in a plastic cellophane bag, then bubble wrap, polystyrene, a cardboard box, and then beautiful wedding paper. You might be wondering why I'm talking about wedding gifts now. Well, as we were unwrapping ours all those months ago T and I decided that the rapidly growing mountain of cardboard in our living room should probably be recycled. Except that this was eight months ago and we still haven't quite made it to the tip (our council doesn't collect cardboard recycling). Over the last few months of marital bliss, we've been adding to our collection and it has now grown to epic proportions. So finally this weekend we set aside our precious Saturday morning to take it to the tip. It's probably about time...

The weather has been beautiful today so we rewarded ourselves by going to lay in the park all afternoon, and this evening we're going out for dinner. Having a weekend at home is such a rarity at the moment we're definitely making the most of it.

Incidentally, before this very responsible and grown up bout of recycling we'd spent Friday evening playing poker, which felt just like being a student again. Except that this time the poker finished at about 11.30pm rather than 3am. We really are growing up...


  1. your living room is only as big as that mess!i bet you couldnt see your floor for the last 5months!! did you win poker?? I trust that all our rounds of poker on msn stood you in good stead!

  2. Eww gross, we didn't keep it in our living room! It was stashed in the garage!

    And I didn't win poker but I did quite well...I do miss our games sessions though Shiv!


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