Sunday, 10 May 2009

My Blogging Skills

I am VERY proud of myself this evening. Earlier today I was reading one of my favourite blogs, and saw something I thought looked good. Later in the day, I described the "tag list thingy where they're all different sizes" to T, and was informed it is called a "Tag Cloud". Later still I searched, followed instructions and made my very own Tag Cloud. All by myself. I then prettyfied it and made it fit with the rest of my blog. Feel free to admire my beautiful cloud. I feel like I accomplished something today.


  1. Haha, very pretty. I would agree. That's a very productive day!

  2. Shiv Cloud Hair11 May 2009 at 12:18

    umm well done?! it doesnt look like a cloud tho. my hair on a bad day however, now there's an uncanny resemblance.

  3. Your blog is lovely! Thanks for the shoutout and your tag cloud looks great :)


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