Saturday, 18 July 2009

Laid Back Weekend

We made pizza for dinner last night. You put the ingredients for the dough in the breadmaker and 45 minutes later you get...

We usually spread it with tomato puree mixed with BBQ sauce. We added bacon, peppers, mushrooms, mozarella and cheddar.

Yum yum.

Today is a laid back Saturday in our house. T got up to do some work and I slept in until he brought me a cup of tea.

We got up late and had cooked breakfast while we listened to the cricket on the radio. He's a big cricket fan. I'm learning to like it.

We just walked up to the university to get some books T needs for his thesis corrections.


  1. Oh wow that pizza looks yummy... and those pictures are beautiful. Love the lone flower one the best!

  2. such a beautiful building, and I love your crockery!


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