Tuesday, 21 July 2009

The Magic of Summer

Remember being a kid at the beginning of the summer holidays? The days stretch out ahead of you full of promise. There are hints of laughter and sunshine and holidays brushing your face. Six weeks. Long lazy days.

I have some holidays booked, two weeks away, my sister is coming to stay. I am going on a couple of trips to London - one to the V&A museum with Lulu and the other to the Globe theatre with my mum and sisters.

I've been working on a list of goals for my summer. There is always so much potential in the summer, yet every day slips by so quickly. It can be easy to let summer slide through your fingers.

My goals range from the very mundane (clearing cupboards, dry cleaning winter coats) to things I am more excited about (crafty projects, books to read, cooking new recipes). I will try to be a better blogger and document these things. I will try to savour the magic of summer.

What are your goals for this summer? What are you excited about? What memories will you have to savour from summer of 2009?


  1. I might have a small announcement to make by the end of it...

  2. Oooh London! How fun, I LOVE London!

    Um... goal is just to get a job. That's about it. Memories: sleeping in. :)


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