Friday, 7 August 2009

Some People I Saw On The Train

I has a lovely day in London yesterday with my Mum and sisters. We looked around the Tate Modern for a bit, had lunch by the river and went to see As You Like It performed at the Globe theatre. I forgot to take a book for the journey home so I did some people watching on the train.

I saw...

- a twenty-something blonde girl. She was reading The Nineteenth Wife, and her bookmark was a yellow post-it note that read "Remember N.I. number."

- a Czech(?) woman who looked very sophisticated. She doesn't like travelling backwards on the train. She hunched over her book and was completely engrossed in the story.

- the man next to her who was reading A Thousand Splendid Suns.

- a young man who was totally agitated and on edge for the first three stops. Then he fell asleep, so tired he could barely hold his head up.

- a business man who called home to ask his wife to collect him from the station. He chatted to a man next to him. I think they meet on the train a lot.

- a Korean(?)* woman. She was dressed up as if she was going clubbing (but heading out of London). She sat on the edge of her seat for her whole journey which was about fourty minutes long.

*This guess is based on nothing more concrete than a slight similarity to the character of Sun from Lost.

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  1. I am such a people-watcher too, I miss living in NYC for that reason.

    My brother and I went to the Tate Modern on the only visit either of us have ever made to London- I'm typically not into modern art but I absolutely loved that museum!


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