Monday, 21 September 2009

Sunny Days

We made the most of the summery sunshine this weekend, it was beautiful. England is at that gorgeous in betweeny stage at the moment, summer is fading but the Autumn chills and rains haven't quite arrived yet. We took a picnic up to the park and lay in the sun with our books. {I discovered the collage feature of Picasa this week too...}

On Sunday we ate lunch at the pub in the garden after church with friends, and then played games. It was lovely to spend the afternoon with them.

Day 19:

Day 20:

This one only happened because when I remembered at 11.30pm that I hadn't taken a photo yet, T got out of bed and got my camera for me. We then spent half an hour playing with the manual focus and long exposure settings on the camera. He's lovely, really he is.


  1. This made me smile. :) Love the pics!

  2. Wonderful pictures. I'm envious of that picnic.

  3. love your photos + love the fact that your husband got out of bed to help you take pictures. husbands are the best, aren't they? :D

    stumbled on your blog via marta's blog. hello!


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