Monday, 19 October 2009

Autumn Camping

This weekend was our home group's camping trip. It felt longer than a weekend somehow, maybe because we crammed so many different things into the weekend. I was so happy that it didn't rain. It was cold though, very cold. It's all about layers. And eating plenty. We definitely ate plenty. The only slight downside was that it took about half an hour to heat the water for tea and hot chocolate. But apart from that - the food was good...

Despite the cold, autumn is a lovely time of year for camping. Crunchy leaves and cool air. We were surrounded by beautiful autumn colour. Birds flying south, a grasshopper visitor and a butterfly. Nature is truly lovely.

It was a lovely weekend.

That said, I enjoyed my warm soft bed last night. And my cup of tea.


  1. Those pictures make everything look far warmer than it really was!

    That said it was a really good weekend - we even got back in time for church!

  2. Glad you had fun, though I think you're actually mad for considering camping at any time of year, never mind in October...!!
    Cute grasshopper :) and beautiful photos generally - I may be requiring a consult on SLRness at some point soon! xx

  3. Sounds fun! I probably would have frozen to death, though (lol!). But I love sleeping in tents.
    Enjoy the soft bed and warm tea. :)

  4. Wow fantastic shots. Lol, I looked at each pic and was like, "that shot is so great" and then the next pic came up and I was like, "no that one is even better"!

    I can't imagine being out there in the cold, so brave! Enjoy the warmth. :)


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