Monday, 5 October 2009

A Card, Some Rain, A Book.

We spent two really lovely days with my parents and sisters this weekend. We ate, played games, snuggled on the sofa and watched films. I even made some cards with Mum - I was especially pleased to make the last wedding card for our trio of upcoming weddings. The bride and groom are stylish and creative people and I was lacking in inspiration until I saw some lovely papers in Mum's supply. Once I had all the elements it still took ages to figure out a layout, but we had fun doing it and here's a little look at it.

Today it has been dripping rainy wetness all day. I loved it. It makes sitting on the sofa now feel even more warm and snug. New stripy socks also made me happy today.

I am reading Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris. So far I like it, although I have a strange feeling that I've started it once before and didn't get very far. Just a hint of deja vu - but clearly this time it's gripping me more. I'm intrigued by the secrets and hidden past that the narrator is hinting at.


  1. beautiful cards and glad to hear about your rejuvenating weekend!!

  2. Seriously. You make your life sound utterly idyllic with every blog post! How do you do it?! I have been loving the rain too and I would be equally excited with new stripy socks :)

  3. Love stripey socks! What a wonderful weekend!

  4. Your stripy socks are very cool, but I can't wait for a photo of your other new socks :-)


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