Sunday, 11 October 2009

Life in Colour

Besom has a day of prayer today. I spent extra time there on Friday afternoon setting up for it, and loved being creative with the different areas of the hut. I have to head over there in about half an hour. As it's a late start today I decided to use my extra time productively by doing some cleaning. I'm on a bit of a clearing, tidying, re-organising kick at the moment. I'm hoping to repaint some drawers this month, and I cleared some messy paper filing trays this weekend.

My lovely Besom boss also brought five of her ballgowns over for me to try on as I'd mentioned a fancy wedding we're going to in November. I had a lovely dressing up session in the evening.

We went to visit T's parents on Saturday and I swapped Human Traces for Beijing Coma by Ma Jian. (I liked hearing some of your reading thoughts last post. You're obviously better at seeing books through than I am!) We went for a lovely autumny walk in the woods and enjoyed the colours...

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  1. Okay I obviously need to move... because that is not what it looks like where I live. It's freaking Summer still... I want those pretty colors! Great pics too!


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