Saturday, 7 November 2009

Away in Conwy

{This weekend we're going to a wedding. But I've been totally slack this week and not shared my photos from last weekend of pretty Welsh countryside. So here you go...}

Last Friday T's mum picked us up at lunchtime and we began the journey up to Conwy in North Wales. We were celebrating his grandma's 80th birthday, and the whole family were gathering for the weekend. By the time we got there it was dark and raining.

We had a meal together, and then went to bed. In the morning we woke to beautiful views of the countryside - hills, sheep, valleys. Gorgeous.

Breakfast in the conservatory, and then we headed off to look round Conwy. We visited the castle...

The view from the castle walls over the bay was beautiful...

So we went down into the town for a closer look...

{Clockwise from top left - seagull, lights in the high street, a tiny geocache, a bizarre tree}

We don't really know what the tree was about - I'm guessing it had been a harvest celebration. It was decorated with fruit and pasta. It was very strange but I kind of liked its quirkyness. We split up for shopping and T and I walked back to the inn. It was only a few miles and the views were beautiful.

We spent the evening in dinner and merriment until too tired to continue the party.

And on Sunday we came home for an evening of snuggling up on the sofa.


  1. Enjoy the wedding! Gorgeous pictures, I especially love that first pic of the castle - magnificent!

  2. sheep looks well confused about what you're doing there!


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