Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A Lovely Weekend II

We spent last weekend with my parents and sisters. It was lovely, two (and a bit) days full of catching up and laughter.

We visited a garden near them where I was able to take a few photos of gorgeous autumn-ness...

Someone asked recently how I get my photos arranged like this. I use Picasa which is a basic photo editing programme made by Google. You can download it free here. When the photos are in the programme, you can select certain ones to make into collages.

It was a totally chilled out weekend, and so nice to just sit and talk for ages. This weekend will be a whirlwind of activity - a Saturday of stag/hen days, followed by a wedding on Sunday.

To all my lovely American readers (and anyone else celebrating), Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh pretty! That final pic is my favorite!! So very Autumn-y.

  2. yes that final pic of the trees is my fave too, i like it! xx


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