Friday, 18 December 2009

Winding Down

On Wednesday night we had our home group over for a Christmas party - food and games and much merriment ensued. We even made hot apple punch (inspired by some friends a couple of weekends ago) which went down very well.

Last night we went to T's work Christmas party - my first experience of the infamous do. And we enjoyed it. It was fun meeting some new people, talking about life, books and food. And when we walked out of the door it was into swirling whirling snow that was actually settling! It was so exciting. I should have taken some photos when we got home but by that stage we were so freezing we just wanted to get inside and curl up in bed, so here's a few from this morning as it melts.

Today: a squillion jobs to do before tomorrow. Packing, laundry, cooking, present wrapping, tidying, cleaning, organising, crafting. This morning so far has been mostly spent wrapping and ribboning to a background of the Little Women DVD. Which has resulted in a warm fuzzy feeling and blinking away tears at the really sad bits I'd forgotten. (I'm also rapidly running out of paper and ribbon, and have forgotten gift tags as usual so things are on track for a late night and busy Saturday morning!) Nevertheless - loving the prospect of Christmas holidays.

Have a good weekend lovelies.


  1. Oooh yum. And omg, I love that melting ice pic. Such great captures!

  2. gorgeous pic of the ice melting, wonderful stuff.


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