Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

It's my Dad's 50th birthday today, and although we're not with him, we'll be celebrating at the weekend. (Oh, and although he's 50 - he was still being mistaken for my "older brother" at our wedding a year and a half ago. Not bad, Dad!)

I just wanted to tell you how great he is. When I was five he read me The Hobbit as a bedtime story for months and months. And he did all the voices. My sense of humour comes straight from him. He makes fantastic cups of tea, and he has inspired me to invest time and energy in plants and gardening. He grew these:

Flowers from the garden.

Between them, he and Mum have given me a wonderful example of being best friends in a marriage. They taught me about God, and always made me feel good about my achievements. He taught me to ride a bike, to swim, and took me hiking (or riding his motorbike) up hills to watch the sunrise.

Up a hill, watching the sunrise.

Happy Birthday, Dad. You're awesome. Love you, see you soon.


  1. Your dad is awesome :) Happy Birthday :)

  2. I remember the day we went up Serankot on my motorbike to see the sunrise and we saw a leopard in the headlights.
    I think you're awesome too love. Looking forward to seeing you at the weekend.
    Lulu is obviously a very discerning person.
    ... Dad!

  3. Aw happy birthday to your dad! Wow he's young, my dad has quite a few years on your dad. :)

  4. Ok this is certainly one of my fave entries on your blog, you've said some really lovely things! I think it's so true about your parents being a prime example about being best friends in a marriage. And I remember about how you used to say he did all the voices in the Hobbit when he read it to you! :) Wish him a Happy 50th! Xx

  5. When I was little my Mom read us the hobbit too! I'm pretty sure she did Smeagle's (sp?) voice too.


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