Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Birthdays and Busy

This is a week of fun and planning and celebration for us. Friday is T's birthday and we are looking forward to a long weekend (thank you bank holidays!) of family, friends and fun. The party starts when he gets home on Friday.

Before then I have a few secrets to organise, surprises to arrange and a fair bit of shopping. My week got off to a fantastic start with tea and elevenses shared with my Grandad who dropped by on his way home. (Hello, Grandad!)

Our (non birthday) evenings are filled with church business this week, meetings and study groups, prayer sessions and planning. I'm working on the basis that quick and light is best for dinner, especially with the weather warming up. In come the salads, tarts, smoothies and milkshakes that make summer so tasty. This was Monday's dinner, adapted from this recipe with a few mushrooms and a bit of bacon:

It's Wednesday and this week is flying by. What have you been up to?


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