Monday, 12 April 2010

Simple Sunday

T made waffles and apple juice for breakfast, which we followed up with church. For lunch we tried out a new recipe. We made enough for two meals and froze the leftovers for another day. I love doing that, it feels so organised.

After church and lunch we went for a walk in the sunshine. Look at this beautiful world.

{Cherry blossom, wall and daffodils, daffodils, snowdrops.}

If you missed it, click through to the Big Blog Card Swap post - and please join us! Even if you don't think you're very crafty, it's always good to challenge yourself with something new! I had a question from roy - she asked, "Do you put a mesage in the card or leave it blank?" My idea was that you should leave the card blank so that the recipient can enjoy it and then send it on to someone else to enjoy. But it would be lovely to include a note from yourself too - maybe with the link to your own blog?

Today: crafting for a church community event, tidying the house, booking a house viewing and getting set for a busy week. Let's fly!


  1. Sunday's are so wonderful. Love it.

  2. What a beautiful world indeed!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Your Sunday sounds amazing!


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