Saturday, 10 July 2010


I surprised myself with how quickly this project came together once I got started. I bought the fabric a couple of months ago with this in mind - it caught my eye whilst I was rummaging through the remnants bin. It took me a bit longer to borrow Mum's sewing machine but once we got it home it only took me a couple of spare hours slotted in between jobs and...

I'm looking forward to it's first outing of the summer - T's PhD graduation in just under a week!


  1. That is pretty! Well done! :) I love that colour, it's lush!!!!! Xx

  2. Wow! what a lovely bag! I love it.
    Thanks for asking about my wedding - it's on 28th August, so only 7 weeks to go!

  3. Hey - that looks great! Looking forward to seeing it in use! xx

  4. Pretty pretty - very talented!


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