Friday, 30 July 2010

Summer Means Books

For me, the start of summer is my birthday at the end of June. From there is it just a few more weeks until schools break up and holidays start. The weather is already warming, and one of my favourite things is to sit in the shade of a tree with a new book and a cool drink. My birthday also helps with this because I usually get a lovely stack of new books, which I delve into, and try to save for holidays. This year I was given a lovely stack...

{Top to bottom: FlashForward, The Legacy, Redeeming Love, Small Island, The Weight of Silence, Guide to Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly, The Postmistress.}

As we're off on holiday this weekend, for a week in Cornwall, I'm looking forward to getting stuck into my next couple of books, but I fear the stack will be severely diminished by the end of August when we go away again. Any recommendations to add to my summer stack?


  1. Ooh have a lovely holiday! One of my favourite things about holidays is the time to read read read - I always fall asleep if I try and read normally!

    Have fun!

    Sarah x

  2. Oh fun! I didn't know FlashForward was a book.. would love to know if it's good. I read Redeeming Love back in college. :) Hmmm recommendations... The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. I'm going to buy it this week, I really enjoyed it.


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