Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I have been offered a job. This is Big News, as I graduated six months ago, with no career plans and no enthusiasm for having a job. I then proceeded to work as a volunteer for a charity (Besom) while "job hunting" (which in all honesty I haven't been very diligent at).

But - now a job. Before anyone gets excited about my expanding horizons and employability, its only a part-time job (which Lovely Besom Boss and I are both pleased about!) at the playgroup run by my church, so its not a Career or anything scary like that. Basically I will be paid to go and play with little children two mornings a week, starting next Tuesday. Sounds good to me. After the Easter holidays I'll also be doing two afternoons a week. So it's a bit of extra cash in our bank account and I can stop feeling worried when the parents (both sets!) ask how the job hunting is going.

In other news I'm supposed to be making dinner for my home group tonight so I have to go and cook something that we can heat up there. Last time I cooked something for home group I tried making gingerbread men which tasted great but were a whole epic load of faff. I'm hoping things will go a bit more smoothly this time...


  1. Oooh, go you!! Big News indeed. And how much will she LOVE having her own blog name!!


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