Friday, 20 February 2009

A Lovely Day

Yesterday was A Lovely Day. On Wednesday Shiv and I ended up at our separate computers online at the same time. She was revising for an exam on Thursday morning and mentioned that she was going to check out the crazy-big new shopping centre in London. After some oohing over how crazy-big Westfield actually is she sent "You should come!"

Good point. So I did.

Westfield is a pretty shopping centre, partly because its so new and shiny. It has also been designed very nicely - seats everywhere, lots of light, flowers and plants. It has a nice balance of high street shops and overpriced designer boutiques, and plenty of space in the eating area. We only had to queue in one shop and it wasn't crowded.

But it wasn't really about the shopping anyway, it was about the catching up. Which as always was lovely. One of the highlights of the day (along with the Chocolate Cafe) was our encounter with Salon Man who decided to try and offer us an exciting package deal.

"Only £49 each for haircut, manicure..." (I'll admit at this point I zoned out for a while, not knowing or caring what half the words meant) "...and an A4 portrait of yourself for only £25." He looked so sure we'd jump at the chance.

", that's ok thanks." We try to move away.

"Ok, I'll do you a deal - both of you for £50!" That was a sharp price drop.

"Really, no thanks."

"What's holding you back?" He is genuinely baffled.

How do we explain? We exchange glances, not wanting to offend this very friendly man who really is only trying to do his job. "I don't think we really care that much."

Salon Man is still confused ("Aww, I can't believe that!") but lets us go and luckily we restrained the giggles until we're round the corner. Why is it so hard to believe? I find getting my hair cut insanely dull and only get it done twice a year (at a push) so the idea of a whole day of being fussed over (let alone paying for it) seems like a pretty poor deal. Anyway, after the excitement of all that we had some very excellent chocolatey drinks in the Chocolate Cafe (almost worth a visit to Westfield by itself) before more browsing and coming home. A very Lovely Day.

Oh and she aced the exam...

*Shiv - after our discussion yesterday feel free to come up with a Blog Name for yourself if you want one...I didn't think you'd appreciate The Accountant.


  1. Uggh... I hate being accosted by salon people in malls... they are always SO persistent! haha

  2. Thank YOU for coming, it was a lovely day indeed!

    I'm not too sure about blogging as "The Accountant" - makes me sound like I'm wearing a grey suit and surrounded by numbers and excited by my calculator... weirdly the last comment is true to an extent. But not in a geeky way! (much)

    Shiv Xx


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