Thursday, 12 February 2009


Since getting married I've discovered a new type of shopping. In my student, house-sharing days I couldn't care less about crockery, bed linen or cushions, but now we have a place of our own I'm loving that I get to buy stuff for it and make it ours.

The wedding presents filled the house with lots of beautiful stuff as well - we have paintings, matching crockery, pretty vases and pots. Arranging all our things, deciding what would belong where was one of my favourite post-wedding jobs (which was lucky as T hates that kind of thing).

Christmas gifts have also been added. T gave me a digital photo frame which is so cool - I love taking photos and its perfect if you have a small place like we do. We were given homemade cushions by T's aunt which are beautiful - they look so professional and they go so well on our new sofa. Another aunt and uncle gave us gifts in a basket - the basket is now a "by-the-sofa" holder for on-the-go books, bookmarks, puzzle books and pens.

I love that we have a spare room and can have friends and family to stay - one of the most exciting things I bought recently was a new duvet cover and pillow set for our guest bed - its all pretty and flowery. We're having more girls staying at the moment than boys so I decided we needed some girly bedding. Today I bought a Basil plant. It was cheap at Tescos so it might not live very long but I love the idea of being able to get fresh herbs from the windowsill to go in our dinner.

I went clothes shopping a while ago and had to force myself to look at clothes rather than bedding and china. Having got a place of our own to play with, it suddenly seems very important (and fun) to make it Ours. This new blog has had a similar impact on me - I spent an hour tonight playing with the backdrop and colours before I actually wrote anything.

At least blogging is free...


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