Tuesday, 10 March 2009

All Over the Place

This weekend has been a bit mad. We were supposed to go to a "pub quiz" at church on Friday night but had to miss it after I spent the afternoon being ill. That was a bit rubbish as we'd been looking forward to it. Also we found out that our team were doing brilliantly until the Dingbats round which T rocks. I'm terrible at them - any answers from you guys for these...?

Anyway, they came third out of eight teams in the end which is pretty good. On Saturday we went to the wedding of two people T went to school with. It was lovely and considering I barely knew anyone I enjoyed it more than I expected. Although I loved planning our wedding and the actual day was even more perfect than I'd imagined, I wouldn't want to repeat it. On the other hand I'd love it if we could have another "honeymoon" - a two week holiday for just us would be wonderful. This week/month/year is feeling very full - we're rushing around a lot seeing people and doing things, and while that is lovely I'm feeling pretty worn out this last week! A holiday would be nice...so I'm looking forward to a couple of family weekends we have planned and then the Easter holidays.

On Sunday it was beautifully sunny when we woke up, grey when we dashed out of church (after hugs and a quick chat with last weekend's newlyweds) and pouring with rain as we went off to see some university friends who are now married and living about an hour away. We haven't seen them since before Christmas and it was our first visit to their new house so it was lovely if a bit short as one of them had a concert to go to. On the way back we dropped in on T's parents for a delicious roast dinner. We also played a new game called San Juan (which was a Christmas present for T from his aunt and uncle) - it's quite like Puerto Rico but simpler to set up as its just a card game.

So that explains where I have been and how I managed to go a whole week without filling you in on my life (for those of you who were wondering!). As a general update on today, I have been at playgroup-work in the morning (one of the kids made me laugh but I'll tell you about that tomorrow) and Besom-work this afternoon (eek, the van has broken down, lots of prayer needed!). Tonight we will be having plaice for dinner which I have never cooked before (this recipe looks good to me) and the church prayer meeting is this evening.

And by the way I was tempted to make a terrible place/plaice joke in the title of this blog but I resisted. You're welcome.

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  1. Aww I hope you're feeling better now after being ill and stuff. You guys go to lots of weddings, no fair. I haven't been to any since yours! As for your holiday I'm sure you will no doubt find time to go away for a week together at some point later this year. I want a holiday :( at least one to look forward to! Enjoy your plaice and it is good to have some more good reading material as opposed to boring accounting stuff.

    ooh also the answers to the dingbats...
    i don't know the first one with the peppermint. My guess for the second one is Double Eye Check? i know that prob makes no sense! and the third one is head over heels!Xx


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