Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Bossy Boots

Yesterday I mentioned that one of the girls had made me laugh at playgroup. A couple of the boys were dashing around in the main hall - they're not supposed to run inside but had plenty of space as most children had gone outside so we were letting it go. However the little girl I was sitting with made her feelings about sticking to the rules quite clear in a scarily accurate imitation of one of the teachers....

"Booooooooooooooys! We do not run indoors. If we want to run we must go outside!"

They completely ignored her and she repeated it very loudly every few minutes. It's always funny when children pick up expressions and phrases from adults. It must be quite scary as a parent when you're suddenly shown what you sound like.

I was at a school doing work experience a few months ago and remember a hand writing session when one child who usually struggled was concentrating really hard and doing really well. The very bright and well behaved child next to him turned round half way through the session and said "Well done, that is some beeeeeaaaauuutiful writing. You've been working very hard and I'm very pleased." Teacher in the making there I think...

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  1. haha kids are odd creatures aren't they!


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