Tuesday, 31 March 2009


It's so satisfying when it works and food makes almost everyone happy. What more could you want from a hobby? Dinner parties, cakes, tea, cooked breakfasts, old favourites, experiments, cookies, roast dinners, pies, pasta...I really love cooking. (Yes, I put tea in there. Ok, so it doesn't take much "cooking" but it is good. Same for hot chocolate. Yum.)

I recently found a new collection of recipes on the Lakeland website. They do really good quality cooking products if you haven't heard of them before. For Christmas I got T some chocolate moulds from Lakeland and we've been making "homemade" chocolates in the last few months which has been fun. When we next make some I'll put up some photos - for some reason I can't find any right now.


  1. Keep going BB, four more to go! I'm really enjoying reading about your favourite things-you are very kreativ!

    roy xxx

  2. It is definitely a great feeling when a recipe works out how you planned and people love it! Thanks for the comment on my post today. I was definitely "the quiet girl" when I was younger too, and I still am in some ways. I see you like reading...you should check out http://bloggingbookworms.blogspot.com, an online book club a fellow blogger and I started.


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