Wednesday, 15 April 2009

An Update

The Easter weekend was lovely. Sunny and beautiful. This is a photo taken on a two and a half hour walk on the first day. It was a bit ankles spent the rest of the weekend creaking. Which was strange. But it was a lovely time. We were also given a baby strawberry plant. It only has four leaves and is currently residing in an old fromage frais pot. I'm hoping to graduate it to something better and bigger this weekend.

We've been home two days now and I've only just got around to checking in on all the blogs I read. A lot has been happening in blog world, some good and some bad and it feels nice to get back to it. I like blogging and reading blogs.

Over the weekend I borrowed The Glassblower of Murano from my Mother-in-Law. We actually gave it to her for Christmas and it looked good when I was shopping so I was very pleased when she brought it out and suggested I borrow it. It's good, I'd recommend it. It's got one of those split plots - half in the past, half the present - that run alongside one another. It's an easy read and good storylines (enough historical and personal stuff to hold your attention in both halves of the book). The main character goes to Venice to follow in the footsteps of her ancestor, a legendary glassblower. The reaction from locals is varied - she is welcomed, ostracised and taken advantage of in equal measure, and eventually creates herself a life in Venice apart from her famous ancestor.

I have this week off (from both jobs) and so far I have used the time to catch up on some house jobs. As of next Monday I'll be working four sessions a week at the playgroup. I have to get to know a new set of children (the younger, afternoon group I'll be working with on Mondays and Wednesdays). Besom time will be reduced which will be very sad but it is only for one term. I'm hoping that by the end of this term I will have some plan for what to do next. That would be good. On the other hand I spent three years at university hoping that by the end I'd have some plan for what to do next and look how that turned out. Watch this space.

This weekend my family are coming to stay. That means six people crammed in our little house. Hopefully the weather will be good - I really want us to go and see the beautiful park nearby. In the last week trees outside our house have come into leaf and are looking lovely. It's so much nicer to look out on than bare branches.

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  1. You've used lots of little sentences in that blog post.

    I like blogging and reading blogs.
    Watch this space.
    That would be good.
    This weekend my family are coming to stay.

    I don't really know/remember what my point was but its 1.22am and I have an exam tomoro so evidently I'm stalling for time. And overtired. Xx


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