Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Boys and Girls are Different

A couple of weeks ago my husband went shopping on one of his lunch breaks. Can you guess the five items he returned home with?

No? Well neither could I. We spent the last hour of his work day with me playing twenty questions about these mysterious items. And (sounding slightly gameshow-esque), here they are...

1. A tacky (Tescos) tool belt found in a charity shop.
2. Some beef stew with dumpings - in a packet.
3. "Light load towels" - a pack of three tiny towels for hiking. Pretty useful. The catch? "To expand, drop in water." That's right, you have to soak these towels and then allow them to dry before you can use them.
4. Chlorine. Ok, chlorine tablets - for purifying water.
5. Neutralising tablets. To take away that nasty chlorine taste.

[It might sound like we're preparing for World War III (and some DIY) but T was actually on the hunt for birthday presents for his Dad and prizes for a tournament based on the 20Twenty series world cup coming up. So he's not crazy really.]


  1. Ok, I'm having trouble deciding which one he would give to his Dad-the towels, right?
    roy xxx

  2. Actually all of the last three! We did get him some other presents too but personally I think the Chlorine was his favourite. Ooh and it's your birthday coming up roy! xx

  3. Yay! Chlorine!
    Who knows, maybe I'll win the toolbelt?


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