Thursday, 28 May 2009

Cutlery and Why it is Exciting

We had a lovely day at Besom today. Sadly my lovely Besom boss was away so I missed seeing her but things went so well. The hut was FULL, so much beautiful furniture. I'm not sure I've ever explained Besom - basically people give us second hand furniture, clothes, linen, electricals etc that they don't want any more. We get clients referred to us by social services, churches and other charities, and then we call them and find out what they need. When it comes in, we deliver it. Simple as that. The whole thing is prayer based, and really wouldn't work without God - we pray the whole day - especially when collecting or delivering things, but often also we ask God to provide things.

So on Tuesday afternoon, a few of the ladies at Besom prayed for some cutlery - just a set to send to a man who had requested some. We were down to two (non-matching) spoons, and hadn't had any in for months.

Today we were sorting a load of stuff that had been brought in last thing on Tuesday. One of the items was a tray of cutlery.

After lunch a lady brought in a whole load of stuff and towards the end of the day, as we were waiting for the van to come back I unpacked some of it - two more sets of cutlery, one brand new.

When the van came back, the lady we had visited had given us even more than she'd first said, and among the items, yes you guessed it - another set of cutlery.

I love it when you get to see how huge and generous God's love for us is - he didn't just give what we'd asked for, he quadrupled it! We prayed. God answered. God answered big time.


  1. Amazing!! God IS great :D xx

  2. Yay! Go God!
    Love the title of your post, you're so grown-up!
    By the way, there aree some great christian songs that have come out recently-I especially like Free to be me and I'm letting go by Francesca Battistelli and Two hands by Jars of Clay. They're on YouTube-have a listen if you get the chance!
    roy xxx


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