Saturday, 30 May 2009

Outside World

My final piece of Kreativity!

Much as I love many indoor things (reading, blogging, cooking, sleeping) sometimes it's good just to get outside. Whether it's a stroll down the road to Tescos, a walk in the park, or just lying in the sun, being outside has such a big impact on me.

I like the varied weather we have here in England - a few months ago it was snowy, five days ago it poured with rain, and today I see glorious sunshine out of my window.

I like taking indoor things outside - having a picnic or eating fish and chips on the beach gives a meal time a completely different feel. Being outside is more romantic, carefree and relaxed.

Today we're hoping to go geocaching. T has some minor corrections to make to his thesis before he makes the final submission, and he's been up since about 7:15am working on it. We also plan to go and buy some "gardening supplies" - pots and soil. As we don't actually have a garden, our green-fingeredness is going into pot plants at the moment. A strawberry plant we were given at Easter is sending out runners so I want to give them something to grow into.

The sunshine is streaming through the leaves of the trees outside. Can't wait to get out there. Have a good weekend everyone!


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