Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Peace with Friends

Our holiday last week was lovely, and having filled up my memory card with photos I have way too much for one blog. So here's a pictorial summary* of the holiday...

All six of us (three couples) used to be at uni together but now that we're not students we don't see as much of one another. Having time to catch up on one another's lives, and just to spend so much time together was really great.

It felt like longer than a week but in a really good way. Being on a narrow boat really slows life down - you travel at about four miles per hour and it takes twenty minutes just to boil water for tea. You can't help but slow down. The TV was the smallest I've ever seen, with just three and a half channels and there was no internet. If you're not driving the boat or winding the locks, there's not much to do - you can read a book, do a crossword, chat, play a game or just watch the countryside slip by. It was wonderful...

*Click on the photo to see it bigger, and most importantly to see how cute those ducklings were!


  1. Sounds utterly idyllic. I look forward to hearing more from all 6 of you!

  2. aww the little quacklings are so cute :) x

  3. ok, have to ask what was the half a TV chanel?
    Glad you're back
    love roy

  4. Sounds perfect. And a wonderful way to spend your week. I'm totally jealous. :)


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