Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Show and "Tell"

One of the things I'd really looked forward to about working at the playgroup was that they do Show and Tell. I never did this as a child and I'd envisaged children bringing in beautiful shells found on their holidays, pet rabbits and red shoes. (I read that last one in a story once.)

Sadly the reality of modern day Show and Tell is very much removed from this...I've seen more plastic boats and trucks than shells. The closest we got to a pet rabbit was a slug (today). And as for red shoes - instead I've had yet more plastic trucks.

So the Show part has been a bit of a downer. The "Tell" usually isn't much better - when asked "What do you have to show today?" most children have to have a good think before (after prompting) they mumble "A truck." It's not what I'd imagined.

But today's Show and Tell was quite amusing. The slug was thrust in the faces of most of the other children by its fascinated owner. There was also a cricket bat and ball - "I know that sport - baseball!" was the first guess. Not sure where that came from as we live in England but ok. Another girl brought in a book about butterflies prompting an animated discussion which culminated with this story from a very excited boy...

"My mum..."
[Long Pause]


"My mum....Her mum..."

"Your grandma?"

"No! My Nana. My Nana...when we went to her house - I saw a baby caterpillar."

It's gripping stuff. It really is. Prizes and glory* for the first person who can tell me which book this caterpillar is from.

*Actually just glory. There's no prize.


  1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar! My kids do the same. One took at least a minute this morning to tell me he'd had 10 easter eggs over the break.

  2. THE VERY HUNGRY-oh wait, someone got there first :(

  3. oh the memories, the very hungry caterpillar, I loved that book when I was little! I can just imagine that little kid being soooo excited about the slug, so cute!

  4. aww The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Proper classic book that is! and the holes in it and stuff, so cool :D

  5. We used to watch the video of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" and other books that Eric wrote.
    I'm so pleased to read that they are still popular.

  6. Cute! I can see why insects could be so fascinating for young children, they are weird and they can be picked up. I used to love the Very Hungry Cateripllar, what a classic.


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