Wednesday, 17 June 2009

(Belated) Picture Post


  1. Lovely picture :)

    And with regards to your comment about the dress you have seen in a charity shop window. I know the one you mean, LCT and I actually went in and both tried it on. It was by Jane Norman, but didn't fit either of us quite right which was a bit frustrating. It was the item that sparked our ensuing hunt for a dress for the CT social. And that hunt led us to the one I wore in the end. I will write a blog about it some time in the near future. Promise.

    Take care,
    Blues Eyes xx

  2. Blue Eyes - I was curious! I had noticed it a few days ago and then it was gone pretty fast so I thought it might have been you!

  3. I love the colors in this picture... which we had trees around here that looked like that!

  4. Ari - I know, we're really lucky to live near beautiful woods!


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