Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thoughts on Birthdays

In nine days it will be my birthday. My first married birthday.

Yesterday my husband came home with surprises and secrets. Some were shared, some are still secret. This was exciting.

It's also new. I tell him pretty much everything that happens. When it was coming up to his birthday it was so hard not to tell him all about the surprises I had planned. I never have trouble keeping surprises from anyone else but being used to sharing everything it takes some concentration not to just talk.

I've also never had a married birthday before. On my birthday I will wake up with my husband. That's never happened before.

This time last year I wasn't that bothered about my birthday. And I was turning 21. I was more excited about our wedding (just over a month later) and my hen night (which would be when I'd see all my girl-friends). Oh and graduation. It was a summer of momentous occasions really and turning 21 kind of paled next to the marriage/graduation combo.

But then my lovely husband and lovely housemate kept a secret plan from me. They planned a dinner party. The fact that they'd arranged the whole thing without me knowing or expecting anything threw me a little but was so special. That summer I thought I knew exactly when the important events were happening. I figured I was getting enough fuss that year...and the fact that they planned a little extra fuss made me feel very loved.

This summer will be calmer and quieter but no less special. It will be a summer filled with new experiences and memories to come. I'm pretty excited that there are still surprises though...


  1. Living with that housemate must have been a whole load of awesome. True story :p

  2. We have the same birthday, and my first married birthday was my 21st, too.

    I hope yours is wonderful! :)


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