Monday, 29 June 2009

Birthday Weekend!

We spent this weekend with my family. We mostly played games and talked and ate yummy food so I don't have too many pictures to share. But there was birthday cake...

...and cupcakes!

Shiv came over and we played more games. I got lots of lovely presents - two beautiful bags...

...some crafty excitingness...

...some books, a CD, some jewellery and a DVD. It was all very lovely and relaxing - it felt like a mini holiday. Spending my birthday weekend with my parents, sisters and husband (and a little bit with Shiv) was the best part. It was perfect.

Today we are back home and at work. It is hot. Sizzlingly boilingly hot. As in small children sat wilting under trees this afternoon. I realise it isn't hot compared to Asia or Africa but still - we live in England! We are not used to this kind of heat. Think of the small children who were not coping well with it.

T is making fruit smoothies now, the perfect end to a hot day!


  1. aww hehe it was lovely to see you :)
    glad you enjoyed your weekend. lucky you with the smoothies!! Xx

  2. Wow, looks like a fabulous weekend... it all looks great!

  3. What a pretty cake! And how lovely it is to get gifts every once and a while :) I love your "treading water" peice and its simplistic beauty, as well as your "song and dance" work. I love the way it sort of resembles a cave drawing and the masses of people singing and dancing.
    I also wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog last week. It helps to feel like people care about the little goings on of your life. I should have a post up later of my Mom's present, it turned out exquisite!


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