Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Not My Type

Hmm. This was a tricky one. I wanted to get away from stuff I would usually do as a gesture to this theme. Today was quite full and although I thought about it a lot nothing really came to me. When I got home I pulled out some paper and did a quick scribble. My problem was not knowing what my type was or wasn't. And I couldn't decide where to go. I remembered some old kiddie paints that belong T had upstairs. I got them out and this is what happened.

I wouldn't let myself look at everyone else's until I'd finished mine...so off I GO!
Tomorrow's challenge: Pocket.


  1. Wow... ireally like this: the color, the puzzle-style and the one peice that doesn't seem to belong. I don't know if that's what you were going for :), but I love the way it popped out at me and touched me!! Thanks!

  2. Pretty. And clever. I like.

  3. i'm really confused... who's everyone else and what does 'not my type mean?'

    i read previous posts a couple of days ago so maybe i've just forgotten but what's this about!?

  4. Oh that's cute! I love the polka dots too.


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