Wednesday, 24 June 2009


For those who may have missed a few days...Elise at enJOY it. and Kal Barteski at [i] LoveLife are having a design challenge this week. They're each creating something every day on a specific theme. I've been playing along and today's theme is Pocket.

The first thing that came to my mind was this blanket made for me by my grandma when I was a baby. It has my name on the pocket. It's almost twenty two years old!

I decided to take inspiration from the colours, blue and pink are a great combination. Anyway, this card is what I came up with...

I used double sided tape to stick the pocket down so that when I send this card to someone I can put something in it specifically for them - all our pockets are different, and the stuff in them reflects who we are!

Tomorrow's theme and dance.


  1. Well at least our scanner's still working :-) I like this one. Our shelf's starting to look like it's one of our birthdays (and soon it will be!)

  2. I got a warm glow seeing the photo of the blanket. I had forgotten you had it.Do you remember what Grandma had put in the pocket for you?
    Love Mum

  3. That is so cute! Do you have an etsy? If you don't, you should get one and sell homemade cards! Can't wait to see tomorrow's creation.

  4. Wow that came out so well!! Love that you have had that blanket for such a long time, how sweet!

  5. t - Yay, birthday time! :)
    Mum - I think it was a teddy bear wasn't it?
    _____j - Thanks! I don't have an etsy shop, I'd never really thought of selling my cards online!
    Ari - Thank you, I was really pleased I could tie the blanket in somehow!

  6. i love that we are what we carry in our pockets.(=
    so sweet.


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