Saturday, 4 July 2009

This Week I Made...

I spread my craft supplies over our dining table for a lot of this week. T put up with the clutter without any complaints and I had a lot of fun making these cards.

This was my first creation this week - I wanted to use the stamps I was given for my birthday. These letters are from T and I love how ornate they are.

This next card was because I got out all the cards and envelopes from my drawer and sorted them by sizes and styles. Here they are taking up the whole table...

Anyway I found these coloured cards with squares punched out of them and decided to give this pinky one a go.

In the process of sorting the drawer out I found a pad of graph paper and wanted to see if that could be used to make something pretty.

And from this morning - I wanted to use some of the paper I'd attacked with food colouring earlier in the week. I think this effect is my favourite - I pressed the paper into the colouring and then flicked water on it to separate the ink out into these fractal splodge patterns. I love brown and blue as a colour combination and thought I'd see how this paper worked with a brown card. I also used gold ribbon and the gold pens I got for my birthday.


  1. I especially love the yellow one! It's so cute. And yes, I will post a picture of the save the date soon!

  2. Wow they all look so great. I am amazed by how creative you are! Wish I had half your creativity!

  3. These are lovely creations! You are very talented my dear :) xxx

  4. Fractals, graph paper, ... Glad to see I'm having an effect on you :-)

  5. Love it! Crafts are so much fun!

  6. cool!

    also... "I got out all the cards and envelopes from my drawer and sorted them by sizes and styles" - umm... HELLO MONICA!


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