Thursday, 2 July 2009

I just made a mess and I am HAPPY

Today we shut Besom up early as we were a little lacking in volunteers and ran out of work to do. So I decided to do some experimenting. When I was younger I had a kit of inks that would float on water. You filled a tray with water, added some droplets of ink and then lay paper on top. When you took it off the inks had soaked into the paper and made pretty patterns. Using food colouring I had a go at replicating this. I had to use just colouring straight on the tray because it sinks in water. Here are some of my results!

It was a bit messy but I'm happier about today's mess. Thank you for the lovely comments yesterday, they cheered me up! And it turned out that not much of the work got spoiled after all.


  1. I used to love those kits!! Very clever replication, too :) xx

  2. That is so neat! I especially love the first one. Mind if I borrow the idea?

  3. Ohhh fun! I love the blue green combo too!

  4. I like these! I look forward to seeing your paper used as a starting point in some even more fancy craft activities soon :-)


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