Friday, 4 September 2009

Noisy and Quiet

Today I am appreciating the contrasts in my life.

Yesterday, Besom was busy, noisy, full of energy, talking, vitality, demands, music, people, it had a schedule and a timeline.

Today I am at home. I am my own boss. I have a list of tasks. No one needs me to do them. I am free to do whatever takes my fancy - craft, cook, read, shop, eat, drink - whenever I want to. There is no one else here. It is peaceful.

My Autumn goals are going well. Here is photo number three from yesterday:

I left it until half an hour before bed to get round to this one. But I liked that I was pushed into being creative, rather than just waiting until it came.

My other projects are also progressing - but for now, my fun with paints:

Just to round off my day in the best possible way, T came home this evening with an anniversary present...

It prints gorgeous photos. And it's wireless. I'm a very happy lady this evening.

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  1. Oh! I'm on the search for a new printer...would you suggest this one? Has it had any troubles being wireless?

    PS your photography is breathtaking.


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