Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Hello Autumn

I love how bloggers celebrate the seasons. A lot of people have their gripes, problems and concerns but I have yet to see someone complaining on their blog about a season change. We all relish the change, of weather, wardrobe, nature, atmosphere. We all shared joy and photos at the first fresh buds in Spring, revelled in wearing our flip flops and going on holiday in the summer. And now so many people are celebrating Autumn.

Three reasons to love Autumn, just in case you're not quite feeling it yet.

1) Leaves and trees. Their colour. Red, orange, yellow, green, brown. Crunchy leaves underfoot. Going for walks and jumping in piles of heaped up leaves.

2) The clothes. I do love my flip flops. But think of the cold weather clothes too - scarves, warm hats that keep your hair in place, cute gloves. Thick jumpers that feel so soft. And slippers and boots.

3) Rain. Ok, you might not like this one. But it feels SO good to be inside on a rainy day in Autumn. You expect rain so when it does rain you don't feel cheated out of being outside in the sun. Rain brings freshness, puddles to jump in, rainbows, thunderstorms.

I have decided, as have many other people, to be inspired by this change in nature. I am setting myself some fun Autumn goals. I am counting Autumn as September 1st - November 30th.

1) Add all my favourite summer photos to the digital photo frame.

2) Take a photo every day of September and post it here. I'm not nearly disciplined enough to do Project365 but I might just manage a month.

3) Make something new in the bread maker machine.

4) Sew these pretty new buttons onto my winter coat.

5) Finish the wedding scrapbook. Start honeymoon ones or put the photos in an album at least.

6) Send surprise post to three people.

7) An arty project that I have in my head. It may fall at the first post when I remember that I am not good at painting. We'll see.

My hope is to jog my creativity a bit and see how things go.

Autumn is looking fun so far - a couple of weekends away are booked in and a wedding. Another weekend is in the planning, as are various dinners and visits to family. I will keep driving, and working on future career plans. Do you have any goals you're working on?

As for goal number 1 - here's yesterday's photo:

And here is today's (closely linked with goal number 7 - new paints!):


  1. They are my three favourite Autumn things too. Am sitting here loving the rain as we speak/type :)

  2. I love autumn rain! I love your photography too! Great post!

  3. I absolutely love the garlic photo! This would be a beautiful addition to a kitchen wall!

  4. Okay, while I do like Autumn, it's not the same in Texas. The leaves don't change until about November, it only gets a little cooler so we're still wearing short sleeves for another month or two and BECAUSE it stays hot for so long, my wardrobe is never autumn appropriate.

    But I still like Autumn.

  5. I love autumn as well. It is so beautiful!

  6. Wonderful!!! I'm thrilled to have small goals set during such a beautiful time of year... Thank you for your link! :)


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