Tuesday, 1 September 2009

September - here comes Autumn!

September is here! I love Autumn. Blustery winds, crunchy leaves, snuggling in warm jumpers with hot chocolate. Mmm yummy.

But before I move totally on to autumn, summer deserves a goodbye wave. It has been a great one. June, July, August - you were awesome. I had a birthday, an anniversary, three trips to London, days at Besom, read eight books and went on two holidays. I've already shared Anglesey photos - now it's Cornwall's turn.


We arrived to find a gorgeous house - Mum had chosen well. Beautiful gardens, flowers in the living room...and thick fog.


Oh well, thick fog again - we took a drive around the local area. The highlight for me was Charlestown, a Georgian port town. Windy, rainy but somehow that made it even more dramatically beautiful.


Sunshine! T, my Dad and littlest sister went to play golf. Mum, middling sister and I visited a castle, had lunch in a cafe, looked around the local gift and craft shops...and went back to the cafe for cream teas.


Possibly my favourite day. This photo will give you an idea of the weather.

We climbed a big hill near the cottage. The views were stunning...

We flew our kite. The wind was so strong, it was amazing. But then it broke. But not before we had fun and I took photos!


It rained most of the day again but was still lovely. We visited a local craft centre with all sorts of art, pottery, jewellery and ornaments for sale. Although I coveted many things, they were quite pricey and so we didn't end up buying anything.

We went out for dinner to a restaurant in the port town we visited on Day 1. It was amazing. I indulged my love of seafood with scallop starter, lobster (with prawn and crab) main course and followed up with a hot chocolate and stolen spoonfuls of T's dessert. We could see the ocean from our table. Perfection!


We visited an old slate mine and adjoining gardens. My favourite bit was this gorgeous subterranean lake. It was so hard to get the camera to focus properly, with the extreme darkness - this is the best I managed but I was pretty happy with it. The lake is actually this colour, and its because it has high levels of micah in the water. (See, it was educational too!)


We visited the village of Lerryn. We saw art and craft exhibitions, walked across the river on stepping stones, and then walked up a big hill to find a geocache.

Once again, gorgeous views. It was wonderful, so many happy times with my family.

I also did a good proportion of the driving to and from Cornwall. I am pretty proud of that achievement.

Tonight: Making dinner for home group and ironing.

Tomorrow: Day off, possibly a small shopping trip and lunch with my husband. Creating, baking and a set of September goals to blog about.


  1. Your pictures are always so amazing! And you always get to go really cool places and do really sweet things. Needless to say, I am definitely jealous! Glad you had such a great summer :)

  2. Could you please follow me around with your camera all the time? You have the greatest photos, always!


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