Friday, 11 September 2009

Proverbs, Photos, Plans

Proverbs 4:20-23

My child, pay attention to what I say;
listen closely to my words.
Do not let them out of your sight,
keep them within your heart;
for they are life to those who find them
and health to a man's whole body.
Above all else, guard your heart,
for it is the wellspring of life.


Day 8:

Day 9:

Day 10:

Day 11:


Weekend away. Romantic. A Georgian House. Him and me. A mini-book.

Weddings in the future. RSVP-ed this morning. Cards to be made.

Next week - visit from a friend. Besom. Teacher training course meeting. Other meetings.


  1. Thank you for the proverb :)

  2. I love the details you find, the first and second pictures are really interesting especially!

  3. hello, hello! i've just been scrolling through your oh so lovely li'l spot here and enjoying all your pretty photos. and i just love the proverb that you picked out. the 'guard your heart' verse is one of my faves.

    ps. thank you for your comment the other day!


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