Wednesday, 16 September 2009

An Adventure!

We had a lovely weekend away in Sussex, a very perfect anniversary celebration! We got down there late on Friday night, after some slightly terrifying driving down narrow country lanes. We got there in time for dinner, which was amazing! I had fishcake, lamb and pannacotta - and T had risotto, duck and crumble. We could barely move by the end of the meal, so it was lovely only having to go upstairs afterwards.

On Saturday we walked along the river into Arundel, which has the prettiest fairytale castle ever. You can see it for miles off.

When we got there, we looked around some art and craft exhibitions and then looked around the castle gardens. It was so pretty - so I'm going to let the pictures show you...

{This one is my Day 12 photo}

The garden had these strange flower sculptures in one area...

We wandered around Arundel, looking in some antiques shops before we got to our favourite place - Crown Chocolates and Fudge. This tiny shop sold us two of the most delicious ice creams ever (lemon for me, maple walnut for T) and a big bag of fudge which we munched on as we walked back along the river.

We played croquet and other games back at the hotel before going to the "honesty bar" in the drawing room for beer and pimms. Our three course dinner was every bit as delicious as the night before - the steak I had was even better than Friday's lamb. I would go back just for the food.

We checked out on Sunday morning and then went for another walk along the river, and saw lots of wildlife. {This is Day 13's photo.}

As we were driving home we noticed a banner advertising...

a life sized lego house!

I'm making a mini book of the trip at the moment and I'm determined to finish it.

As for the photos from days 14 and 15 - I failed. I didn't take any on either day. I just didn't get around to it, I have no excuse. But I did get to spend Monday catching up with a friend from uni which was fantastic, and I went to a GTP meeting yesterday which is real, proper progress on the career front. But I didn't take any pictures. I will try to get back doing it.


  1. What beautiful pictures! Your blog is lovely!

  2. Oh my gosh! That castle is gorgeous! I love the surrounding area. I can't wait to travel.

  3. The water photo is stunning!
    My reasons not to buy a DSLR are decreasing daily. Wonder how long I can resist temptation...!
    Glad to hear you had such a lovely weekend away :)


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