Friday, 18 September 2009

These Little Things

Life has been made up of lots of very different things this week. The GTP (Graduate Teacher Programme) meeting on Tuesday was good, and more useful than I'd expected. I came away feeling that this was something I really wanted to do, better informed...but still facing the same obstacles.

Hurdle Number One: I need to find a school that will take me to do the training for a year.

Hurdle Number Two: I need to then apply to the university. They get three applicants for each place on the course.

So I've made some enquiries to some schools. I emailed four asking to come in and volunteer, and have heard back a "no" from one. So next week I start telephoning. At the moment I'm working on trusting God with this and trying not to feel overwhelmed and terrified.

I had a fantastic day on Monday with a friend who came up for the day. We talked (almost non-stop) for the seven hours she was here, had a lovely lunch out and a very peaceful walk in the woods. She is getting married in a couple of months and I am so excited for her! I'm also a little excited for me - I get to take my camera to her wedding and take squillions of photographs. Everybody wins.

This week I have been creating, and it has made me very happy...
{Christmas Cards - not because I'm crazy and looking forward to Christmas already. Although I am. Just because I'm anticipating having less time as the weeks go by.}

{Anniversary Weekend Mini Book}


Photo 16:

Photo 17:

Photo 18:

This weekend
Fun with friends, a relaxed morning with my husband, food, sunshine (please?), photos, walks, church, lunch out with friends. Oh so many good things, which will start in about five minutes when T gets home from work. That's when my weekend really starts.


  1. I love your mini book! And your photos, of course.

  2. It's lovely to see your beautiful photographs :)

    And I'm glad to hear you are making steps towards your GTP and your future. It's all so exciting! I hope your plans to start phoning this week are going well.



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