Saturday, 24 October 2009

The Happiness Files

This is a new topic for my blog, but something I've been thinking about for quite a long time. This week I was inspired to start writing about it by two things.

Firstly, I saw this on PostSecret:

And secondly, I saw this quotation*:

So this week I wrote about a few little things that made me happy. And I would love to know some of your thoughts.

Do you agree with the PostSecret card and the quotation? What does happiness mean to you?


  1. I think a lot of people struggle with the difference between pleasure and genuine happiness. Pleasure is more like a rush or a high--like when you acquire material things, etc--but happiness is more of a deep-rooted feeling, a state of being, I guess.

    I love the idea for this post--happiness is something we all struggle to not only find, but hang on to. For me it's a collection of small things... moments with my Hubs, getting a phone call from my mom or a friend, getting a letter in the mail, feeling valued and being of value to someone else.

  2. I saw that postsecret card and loved it! I think it's a good reminder. Life may not always be "happy" but we can create happiness in the little things we do and look for.

  3. I love that quote first of all! :) And I love the word happiness in general. I agree with both things you posted.

    I guess happiness is elusive and is in the little things. Like Shop Girl Said, feeling valued, a phone call, etc.

  4. I love both quotes. Thank you for your lovely comment on my wall. It meant a lot today. I hope you can find some quiet time with God too!


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