Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Round Up, Roll On

Following on from my last couple of posts, this weekend was full of happiness. It was ram packed with friends, games, food and fun. We had some friends staying over, we caught up with others, we planned a holiday, we got excited about weddings. We talked craft, food, games and life. All good things.

On Sunday afternoon we went over to T's parents to put up, clean and dry out the tents they'd lent us for our camping trip. We stayed for games and dinner - delicious roast! On the way home, T pointed out that we hadn't eaten a meal alone all weekend. Dinner last night was special in its ordinariness - we snuggled up on the sofa with our bowls of chicken rice.

This week I am excited about:

  • New challenges

  • Seeing Mum and my sisters

  • Fun things in the mail

  • I have just started reading Beijing Coma by Ma Jian. I'm not very far into it but so far it's pretty good. I know almost nothing about modern chinese history so I think it will teach me a lot. Has anyone else read it?

    On with the week!


    1. Mmm that sounds like such a lovely weekend.

    2. It does sound pretty great! I've never heard of that book, I'll have to look for it.

      Whatcha getting in the mail?!


    Thanks for reading! What are you thinking?


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