Monday, 2 November 2009

Autumn Goals Update

1) Add all my favourite summer photos to the digital photo frame.

2) Take a photo every day of September and post it here. I'm not nearly disciplined enough to do Project365 but I might just manage a month.

3) Make something new in the bread maker machine.

4) Sew the pretty new buttons onto my winter coat.

5) Finish the wedding scrapbook. Start honeymoon ones or put the photos in an album at least. I have put the honeymoon photos in an album! And I've started putting our wedding cards into an album.

6) Send surprise post to three people. I did this! And it was so much fun. Here are three of my parcels ready to go. And I also sent some extras. It was lovely to surprise people.

7) An arty project.

8) A blog redesign.

Last night we went to a play called Origins and Lemons. It was a very lighthearted take on Genesis chapters 1-11. It was nice to do something different in the evening. And tonight we're off to London to go on the London Eye - something different again!


  1. Oooh you're doing great!! And what a sweet surprise those parcels must have been! :)

  2. yay i see my pink parcel!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thanks again for it :D its on my desk at work!!!!! xxxx


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