Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Green January

Last night I was sorting and tagging some of my photos. And on a whim I went through and tagged some where a particular colour jumped out at me. And then I tried grouping them by colours and was struck by the range of shades and colours I'd found. So I thought, as a photographic project for this year I'd try to give each month a photo theme, something particular to try out or look for as I go. As January is half over, I'm going to give it an easy theme - Green. And I've collected together some of my greenest photos so far to show you what I'm going on about:

Green is new and fresh, perfect for a not-very-old-year. I'll post some more green pictures in a couple of weeks.


  1. No no nooooo, green is the color for July!

  2. Oh wow, love all the greens you found!

    I think you should do pink/red for February!

  3. Maybe brown and gold for February?


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